Main Activities

University-wide disaster prevention drill

This page describes the annual University-wide Disaster Prevention Drill. The first disaster prevention training was held on May.31 2023. The earthquake disaster prevention drill was held on Oct. 25 2023.


Fire Disaster Prevention Drill for the first period of Nagoya University
Earthquake disaster prevention drill at Nagoya University 


Block Self-defense Fire Brigade Disaster Prevention Drill

Nagoya University has divided the Higashiyama Campus, Tsurumai Campus, and Daiko Campus into 10 blocks, each of which comprises a block self-defense fire brigade. Immediately after a large-scale disaster, the block self-defense fire brigade will be the center of the disaster response, in cooperation with the Disaster Management Headquarter. The block self-defense fire brigade drill is held in conjunction with the disaster prevention training of Nagoya University every year.

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Various seminars

We hold annual training seminars aimed at improving disaster response capabilities and awareness of disaster prevention. First aid allowances and fire fighting activities are very important to protect people close to you, and it is desirable to take practice to implement them more appropriately. In particular, first aid measures against infection are becoming more important.


A variety of training seminars are held for Self-Defense Fire Brigade to improve their ability to respond to disasters and their awareness of disaster prevention.

The role of the Block Self-Defense Fire Brigade will be explained and awareness raised in the event of a fire, earthquake, or other disaster, or in the event of a fire or other emergency.

We will earn how to use disaster-prevention radio, broadcasting equipment, and transceivers.

Learn Critical Care and rescue methods immediately after a disaster.

Learn about emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire extinguishers and fire doors.

We have regular lifesaving lessons with the cooperation of the Nagoya City first Aid Training Center and other institutions.