Earthquake early warning systems

Earthquake early warning systems

Nagoya University has prepared the “Nagoya University Safety Confirmation System (ANPIC)” and “Nagoya University Emergency Earthquake Early Warning System” for emergencies such as natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, and large-scale accidents. Each is described below.


Nagoya University Safety Confirmation System (ANPIC)

In the event of a large earthquake, such as the Nankai Trough Earthquake, in the near future, the University will provide the following information: In order to promptly and effectively confirm the safety of students, faculty and staff, We have introduced the Nagoya University Safety Confirmation System (ANPIC).

This system is used not only to confirm safety in the event of a disaster, but also to send e-mails as an important means of communication in the event of an emergency.


Nagoya University Earthquake Early Warning System

The system consists of a “receiving and Distribution Server” that receives the Earthquake Early Warning from the Japan Meteorological Agency and redistributes it to the University, and a “receiving terminal” that is installed in laboratories, laboratories, classrooms, and other places where the Early Warning is desired. These are connected by the campus LAN (NICE).