Disaster prevention Drill

Nagoya University Earthquake Disaster Preparedness Drill

Large-scale earthquake disasters are expected to occur in the Tokai region due to mega earthquakes such as the Tokai and Tonankai earthquake, and the promotion of earthquake disaster prevention measures at Nagoya University is an important university-wide issue.  We have been conducting university-wide earthquake disaster preparedness drills every autumn since the 2003.  In addition, in the first semester, we conduct drills on safety confirmation and communication system.

In the first half of the fiscal year 2023, emergency broadcasting and safety confirmation drills were  conducted on Wednesday, may 31 at 12:00, while the autumn earthquake disaster prevention drills were conducted on Wednesday, October 25.  In addition, disaster prevention training sessions were held in advance.

Details of disaster drills for each year can also be viewed from the tag on the left.