Nagoya University Disaster Preparedness Drill in 2022

Nagoya University Disaster Preparedness Drill in 2022

In FY2022, emergency broadcasting and safety confirmation drills were held on Wednesday, may 25 at 12:00, and earthquake disaster preparedness drills were held on Friday, October 28.  In addition, disaster prevention training sessions were held in advance.


Disaster drills in the first half (emergency broadcasting and safety confirmation) Wednesday, may 25, disaster preparedness drills in each block (late may to June)

Previous Disaster Prevention Drills (Safety Confirmation) Poster


A safety confirmation e-mail will be sent from the Nagoya University Safety Confirmation System (ANPIC) to the emergency contact e-mail address.  Please follow the instructions in the email and enter your safety status. The e-mail address for emergency contact will be registered through the Information Security Self-Inspection.  In this drill, an e-mail will be sent to the registered e-mail address by mid-may, so please carry out the self-inspection as soon as possible.


Earthquake Disaster Preparedness Drill, 11:30 AM ,October 28

On October 28, from 11:30, a university-wide drill (to ensure safety and confirm safety) will be conducted using the training broadcast of the Emergency Earthquake Early Warning as a signal.
In addition, faculty and staff conduct evacuation drills (limited number of people), self-defense fire brigade activity drills, and disaster response headquarters drills.

Posters for the second half of FY2022 earthquake disaster prevention drill