• 災害対策本部(Disaster Response Headquarters)

Message from the Disaster Management Office

'’Late term disaster prevention drill (earthquake disaster prevention drill) 
was conducted.(2023.10.25) 
This year's earthquake disaster prevention drill was held on October 25th (Wednesday). 
We will report the details later. Thank you very much to everyone who participated, 
including during the preparation stage.
'Please be careful of Typhoon No. 7!’  (2023.8.12)
 Typhoon No. 7 is forecast to approach the Tokai region from August 14th to 15th. 
The center of the expected course as of August 12 seems to be very similar to that 
of the Isewan Typhoon (approximately 5,000 deaths) that caused extensive damage 
mainly in the Tokai region in 1959.  If the typhoon passes through the western part of 
the region, it is likely to experience very strong winds and heavy rain.  
 Be alert for heavy rain, storms, high waves, and storm surges. Please prepare for 
typhoons today and tomorrow by stockpiling food and water, power outages and 
measures against the heat. In addition, there is a possibility that transportation will 
be suspended as planned. It is also important to review your travel plans and refrain 
from going out unnecessarily.

'The safety confirmation drill will be held from 12:00 on Wednesday, May 31st’  
Two months have passed since the new semester started. Since May, COVID19 has been reclassified 
into the same five categories as influenza, and it seems that the daily life before COVID19 is gradually 
returning. For the past three years, we have continued to conduct disaster prevention drills, which we 
have been conducting every year, while reducing the scale and content of the drills. Thank you for your 
The safety confirmation drill will be held from 12:00 on Wednesday, May 31st as part of this year's 
first semester disaster prevention drill. Specifically, at noon on May 31 (Wednesday), an email will be 
sent to the emergency contact email address that you have registered in advance to confirm your
 safety. Note that for new faculty and staff members and new students, the email will be sent to the
 email address of Tokai National Higher Education and Research System assigned to each person 
by the organization. Please set up your smartphone in advance so that you can receive it anytime, 

'Congratulations on your admission’  (2023.4.4)
To all the new students, congratulations on your admission to Nagoya University. The Disaster 
Management Office has a request for all of you who are starting a new student life with hope for 
the future in your heart. A major earthquake along the Nankai Trough will cause a major disaster 
around the Tokai region including Nagoya University in the near future. In addition to this, recent 
years have seen frequent occurrences of wind and flood damage due to torrential rains and 
typhoons across Japan. When studying at Nagoya University, in order to protect lives from 
earthquakes, heavy rains and typhoons, and to respond appropriately to disasters, it is necessary 
to select housing, take indoor safety measures, prepare emergency supplies, and confirm 
evacuation methods and guidelines for evacuation actions. In addition, there are many things in the 
university that are dangerous during an earthquake, such as experimental equipment, chemicals, 
and heavy fixtures. Don't think of earthquake disasters and wind and flood damage as someone 
else's business, and be prepared in advance. Please be sure to read the Nagoya University Disaster 
Prevention Guide and the Earthquake Manual that will be distributed to everyone.  We will send you 
an email to remind you of your safety in the event of a earthquake disaster. For new students, the 
email will be sent to the email address assigned to each student by Tokai National Higher Education 
and Research System. Please set your smartphone etc. so that you can receive it anytime, anywhere.



Please register your own emergency contact email address.

Please go to “Register emergency contact address” in the information service email of the Nagoya University portal (within the university only).


Nagoya University furniture Safety Guidelines
Nagoya University furniture Safety Guidelines, Manual (in Japanese)


The Earthquake Action Manual (FY2021 Version)

Earthquake Disaster Prevention Guide, Nagoya University (2021 Edition)

Click here to view and download


Check your response in case of typhoons.
Guidelines for Weather Disaster Prevention