Nagoya University Safety Confirmation System(ANPIC)

About Nagoya University Safety Confirmation System(ANPIC)

When an earthquake of which seismic intensity (JMA) is lager than lower 5 in Aichi Prefecture occurs, ANPIC obtains the earthquake information announced by Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)  and send an mail to you for your safety confirmation from email address

【】(Refer to below figures.).  If you receive this email, please follow the instructions contained in the safety confirmation request email sent form ANPIC to fill in your safety confirmation. 

Though you had better reply as soon as possible, please do so after at least ensuring safety by evacuation etc.. In addition, in the case of a disaster other than the above, the university administrator will manually send an email as necessary in consideration of the impact of the disaster.


<Schematic diagram of the system>



<Sample of safety confirmation email>                <Sample of safety report display> 




Email address registration to ANPIC

Your organization email address will be registered to ANPIC by the university at the beginning of the fiscal year as an emergency contact email address.   

Fourther more, you can register other two email addresses in addition to your organization email address. If you are registering multiple email addresses please refer to “How to use the applications”.

Please set up your mobile phone or other devices so that you can receive email from ANPIC anytime, anywhere.


If you cannot receive the email from ANPIC

If you cannot receive the email from ANPIC, please specify reception of email address 【】. About how to set reception of email, please refer to URL (In Japanese)


How to use the applications

You can register up to other two email addresses at the Nagoya University ANPIC login site and can use the ANPIC application or LINE on your smartphone.


1.Refer to the operation guide (in Japanses)  below for initial settings, application and LINE settings, etc.

Safety Confirmation System (ANPIC) Initial Settings/Multiple Email Address Registration/Smartphone Operation Guide

*Only email address 3 can be registered of changed from the ANPIC website. The registration method for email address 2 is scheduled to be rolled out from June 2024 onwards.)


2.Perform initial settings on the Nagoya University ANPIC initial setting site.


3.Access to Nagoya University ANPIC login site and register up to other two email addresses.


For smartphone apllicatioon:

In AppStore/Play Store/GooglePlay, search for “anpic”, “unpick”, or “ampic” and install the application.


Note: If you cat not receive a safety confirmation email or confirmation email for initial settings, please refer to the above ”If you cannot receive the email from ANPIC”.




Contact about ANPIC

For more information, please refer to Disaster Management Office website.

If you can not receive the safety confirmation email, contact Disaster Management Office by email.

・Disaster Management Office Phone:052-788-6040 (in Japanese) ,  E-mail: dmo[at]